10 Powerful Mindset Hacks for Entrepreneurs

by | Aug 5, 2021 | business advice, small business

Every entrepreneur or motivational speaker you see on social media videos will always promote a success driven mindset. This isn’t by mere coincidence, setting your mind straight will lead to development and growth for you and your business.

Though it might seem cliche, success starts in your mind and here are 10 strategies that can help you develop a winning mindset.


1. Take yourself out of your comfort zone.


We often stick to what is comfortable as we’re afraid of negative results. The problem with fear of the unknown is that it brings us to stagnation.

Instead, develop challenges that aren’t too intimidating so that you can dip your feet in the water without feeling like you’re drowning. Take small extra responsibilities at your workplace or learn new tricks and develop new hobbies.

But always make sure that you’re interested in your new challenge, or else you might end up losing interest.


2. Be open to the possibility of mentorship.


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Mentorship is often regarded as one of the fastest ways to grow as you get guidance through your growth. Some people assume that mentorship simply means asking for help from a senior businessman. This however, isn’t always the best way to go about it.

The ideal way of navigating your mentorship is to build a relationship first with the senior businessman before asking for the mentorship. This way it doesn’t feel like a purely business centered relationship between mentor and mentee.


3. Thinking of failure as a lesson learned.


Failure is the best way to learn. If things always go your way, it might be a sign that you’re not taking up the right challenges to develop.

When you treat failure as a lesson learned, you start being more open to taking calculated risks. Adopting this attitude and mindset, it will leave you less prone to fear and anxiety which is the key to creating a success driven mindset.


4. Keep a portfolio of your winning moments.


Though your eyes should always be towards the future, take some time to look at the mountains you have climbed in the past. With each memory you have, remember the challenges you overcame and the lessons you have learned. This little portfolio builds up your confidence to take up newer challenges and reinforces the fact that you are successful.


5. Immerse yourself with talented people.


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People grow and adapt according to their environment and the people that surround them.

By immersing yourself with top talent it allows you to constantly be challenged and inspired to grow in different ways.

Always look for people who bring about that desire for growth. You should always make sure that you aren’t tunnel visioned on comparing yourself to your peers. Instead, continually inspire each other to grow.



6. Find time to realign.


Work related stress levels have gone up throughout the years. Though some work better with a little bit of pressure it kills productivity in the long run.

You should find time to realign with your purpose for work and your vision of the ideal future.



7. Develop a simple morning routine.


Humans are a creature of habit and creating a morning routine that is consistent creates a sense of accomplishment. These little wins in your routine set up and develop your mindset that things will go your way throughout the day and throughout your life.



8. Set time-bound and achievable goals.


There are goals which we set out without a set period of time to accomplish it such as New Year’s resolutions. These often don’t come into fruition because there is no sense of urgency or accountability to a deadline.

Also, making sure that the goals are achievable is essential as setting unrealistic goals sets yourself up for failure. Conquering these time-bound and achievable goals build up your confidence as you conquer them.


9. Listen to your gut


There are times where decisions seem clear cut and the benefits outweigh the problems. However, your intuition comes from years of experience and you should have the confidence to listen to your instincts despite statistical evidence presented.


10. Avoid stagnating


Allowing yourself room to grow and keeping yourself challenged drives you to keep going. Stagnation happens when you have the feeling of being stuck in a rut or just uninspired.


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A successful mindset doesn’t happen overnight. It can take years to develop so start small and build up habits and keep growing.






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